Minnesota Hemp Farms

Minnesota Hemp Farms was the first approved Industrial Hemp Grower in the State of Minnesota.   We are currently the largest producer of Hemp products in Minnesota.   We are a full service company focused on Growing for Food, Fiber and CBD nutraceutical markets.  We also provide Custom Services to others Hemp businesses.  We are currently offering Consulting, Seed Sale, Planting, Harvesting and Processing.    Our primary food brand is Field Theory™ and our flagship product is Field Theory™ – “Hemp Hearts” which are available for consumer online purchase and in fine retail grocery / health food outlets.  More new and exciting Hemp products are coming soon.

Contact Us

  • 612.384.5023
  • John@mnhempfarms.com
  • 14530 90th St. S, Hastings, MN 55033

Planting Seed

Minnesota Hemp Farms is a licensed seed distributor for Hemp Genetics International. We are able to import many HGI varieties which are well suited for the Northern and Midwestern regions of the United States. These are high yielding shorter stature for ease of harvest from an industry leader. All varieties offered are approved for planting in all states with authorized hemp programs. Planting seed is in limited supply. Please contact us prior to March 1, 2018 to secure your order.
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For the 2018 Growing Season we are offering the following varieties:


  • Variety Purpose: Grain Production
  • Short Stature for easier combining.
  • Moderately Large Seeded Variety (16gm TKW)
  • High Grain Yielding
  • Moderately short season ~103+ days
  • Seeding Rate 25-30 lbs per acre


  • Variety Purpose: Grain Production
  • Short Stature than CFX-2 for even easier combining.
  • Seed Size (15gm TKW)
  • High Grain Yielding
  • Moderately shorter season ~100+ days
  • Seeding Rate 25-30 lbs per acre